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By: L. Vigo, M.B.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, University of California, Davis School of Medicine

We believe that these inventions may inspire others to pulse pressure 61 generic 120mg cardizem with mastercard develop further interesting ways of interact ing with ubiquitous computing systems blood pressure pictures 120 mg cardizem with mastercard. It conveys a more sensitive and complex environment than the typical Modernist white cube blood pressure yahoo cheap 60mg cardizem mastercard. The physical architectural element generates an ambiguous spatial condition: smooth and flexible folds between the inside and the outside, open and closed. The rigid coding scheme was adopted in many interior wall partition, or an interactive opening. However, the developed further into a full three-dimensional spatial functional planning strategy was later criticized for being version. The installation generates a subjective, hybrid, inhuman, inhospitable, socially destructive and damaging flexible, immersive and dynamic personal space. In Modern architecture, which includes many of the spaces response to the increasing criticism of the crudeness and we inhabit today, has emerged out of the industrial rigidity of modernism, the four categories of C. It is based on standard, industrialized, rational, dwelling, work, recreation and transportation, were functional, efficient and orthogonal spaces. For example, the same building was divided into envisioned hygienic, regimented large-scale high-rise commercial areas at the lower floors and residential areas towers, set far apart in a park-like landscape. M was committed to standardized functional cities developments, such as the Internet, wireless phones, with a similar scheme in its 1933 congress [3]. These ideas modems and hand-held computers, have a major impact on had a profound influence on public authorities in post-war our lives. The work environment has been tremendously 104 influenced; a large part of the work is done with Context in Contemporary Art computers, and Internet connectivity has altered the work of some contemporary artists can serve as communication with clients and co-workers. Time and precedents to formal approach, space transformations and place are now much more flexible (24/7). They succeed in manner, the functional Modern apartment design, which altering the viewers? perceptions of air, light and shape. With increased possibilities to stay at and manipulates space using light and form. His provocative approach to the same time allows the individual to connect to conventional building and his social criticism undermined everyone? from everywhere?, as a node in the global the rational and function of buildings, using negative? network. Our customized and intimate relationship with actions like subtracting material from walls and floors. He intends to provoke the reflect to the current technological developments of audience into a permanent doubt about the way it computation and communication, which affect our comprehends reality. This project employs micro computing and many of his pieces: positive and negative, physical and sensors to explore new ways of architectural expression. Some kinetic architecture to become involved in complexity through sculptures engaged the viewers? interaction with moving flexibility. It may be possible neither to repress the forces, and are generally regarded as a precursor to the complex relations of differences with fixed points of digital, computer, and laser art of today. He creates inventive the fold encourages architecture to become more sensitive sculptures that comment on the symbiotic relationship to the complex changing needs of the contemporary between humans and machines. Some of his sculptures are programmed Example: FluxSpace Ross Gallery, New York 1999 to move in response to the presence of people around them. Some robots interact with each other and some have an Using a 3D virtual model of the gallery, and projecting it algorithm of randomness. His work focuses not only on the back into the same space, real and virtual spaces movement of the sculpture but on its behavior and overlapped. The superimposition of sound, light, text and movement patterns - how it reacts and actively responds color reconstructed, distorted and deformed the virtual to the dynamic environment and the viewers. His work the project allowed the viewer to be simultaneously in real choreographs form, movement and interaction to create and virtual spaces and perceive these spaces from the new meaning. Computation and media are used in a physical Previous investigation way, trying to achieve a subjective, temporary, hybrid, In my previous work [7] I investigated the relationship flexible, immersive and dynamic personal space. At the same with two main strategies (or platforms): time, it criticizes the rigidity and stiffness of Modern architecture. I propose a strategy, which opposes the basic Web Art: bringing space into media approach of Le Corbusier and the modernists: destroy and Extension of screen-based applications by exploring three rebuild? but leave Modern space intact and undermine? dimensional (3D) space and navigation (using 3D it with digital media.

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One strength is that they can be used when experimental research is not possible because the variables cannot be manipulated blood pressure stress discount cardizem 60 mg with mastercard. Correlational designs also have the advantage of allowing the researcher to blood pressure ranges for elderly cheap cardizem uk study behavior as it occurs in everyday life heart attack recovery discount cardizem line. Additionally, we can also use correlational designs to make predictions, for instance, to predict from the scores on their battery of tests the success of job trainees during a training session. However, we cannot use such correlational information to determine whether the training caused better job performance. Experimental Research the goal of the experimental research is to provide more definitive conclusions about the causal relationships among the variables in the research hypothesis than is available from correlational research. In the experimental research design, the variables of interest are called the independent variable and the dependent variable. The independent variable in an experiment is the causing variable that is created or manipulated by the experimenter. The research hypothesis suggests that the manipulated independent variable will cause changes in the measured dependent variable. For example, the experimental group might receive a new medication for depression. The comparison group, often called the control group, receives either no manipulation or nothing out of the ordinary. For example, the control group might receive their current medication for depression or a placebo, which is often just a sugar pill. The research hypothesis suggests that the manipulated independent variable or variables will cause changes in the measured dependent variables. Specifically, the new drug for depression will cause a decrease in depressive symptions in the experimental group when compared to the control group. To ensure that the participants in the experimental group and control group are equal in terms of demographic characterisitcs. When using random assignment, each participant is assigned to a group through a random process, such as drawing numbers or using a random number table. During the experimental session, the participants played their assigned video games for 15 minutes. Then, after the play, each participant played a competitive game with an opponent in which the participant could deliver blasts of white noise through the earphones of the opponent. The operational definition of the dependent variable (aggressive behavior) was the level and duration of noise delivered to the opponent. Because they used random assignment to conditions, they could be confident that, before the experimental manipulation occurred, the students in Group A were, on average, equivalent to the students in Group B on every possible variable, including variables that are likely to be related to aggression, such as parental discipline style, peer relationships, hormone levels, diet, and in fact everything else. Then, after they had created initial equivalence, Anderson and Dill created the experimental manipulation. They had the participants in Group A play the violent game and the participants in Group B play the nonviolent game. Then they compared the dependent variable, which was the white noise blasts, between the two groups, finding that the students who had viewed the violent video game gave significantly longer noise blasts than did the students who had played the nonviolent game. Anderson and Dill had from the outset created initial equivalence between the groups. This initial equivalence allowed them to observe differences in the white noise levels between the two groups after the experimental manipulation, leading to the conclusion that it was the independent variable, and not some other variable, that caused these differences. The idea is that the only thing that was different between the students in the two groups was the video game they had played. Second, the influence of third variables is controlled, and thus eliminated, by creating initial equivalence through randomly assigning the participants in each of the study groups before the manipulation occurs. One is that they are often conducted in laboratory situations rather than in the everyday lives of people. Second, and more important, is that some of the most interesting and key social variables cannot be experimentally manipulated because of both practical and ethical concerns. If we want to study the influence of the size of a mob on the destructiveness of its behavior, or to compare the personality characteristics of people who join suicide cults with those of people who do not join such cults, these relationships must be assessed using correlational designs, because it is simply not possible to experimentally manipulate these variables.


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This exercise involves substituting the individual concerned in the event with other individuals who do the same kind of work and who have comparable training and experience blood pressure medication iv buy cheap cardizem 120 mg on-line. Then the question is asked: In light of how events unfolded and were perceived by those involved in real time blood pressure chart standing buy 120 mg cardizem fast delivery, is it likely a different person with similar skills and training would have behaved any differently? The Culpability Decision Tree the logic diagram below is a proven management tool intended to heart attack manhattan clique edit remix cardizem 60mg overnight delivery help determine the culpability 33 level of an individual in response to events or near misses triggered by human error. An explanation of how to make use of the Culpability Decision Tree is provided in Appendix B. No Yes Yes No No Were Deficiencies Were expectations with training, Performance consequences available, intelligible, selection, assignment, problem was intended? Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Possible Organizationally Possible Organizationally Organizationally Organizationally Intentional act reckless induced negligent induced induced induced to cause harm violation violation error error error, with error remediation Evaluate relevant organizational processes and related management and supervisory practices. Instead of asking how the individual failed the organization, the question how did the organization fail the individual? What flaws or oversights in work processes, policies, or procedures contributed, promoted, or allowed the error and event to occur? Are expectations, standards, priorities, roles, Yes direction to and responsibilities clear and understood by No perform as the performer(s)? Are work documents accurate, do they Yes contain sufficient detail, and are they usable No for the performer(s)? Does the individual(s) get visible, objective Yes feedback on the quality of work? Are there conflicts in direction and standards Yes (between procedures, supervisors and No managers, departments, and so forth)? Is the desired performance punishing to the Yes appropriate performer (more work, delays, anxiety, No consequences ridicule, fatigue, and so forth)? Are there obstacles to communication Yes between the performer(s) and supervision? Does desired performance matter to the Yes performer(s) (for example, unsafe attitudes, No morale, work ethic, self-esteem, and peer pressure)? In an organizational accident, there are likely to be a number of different unsafe acts. The concern here is with individual unsafe acts committed by either a single person or by different people at various points in the accident sequence. Because of the subjectivity of the questions the Decision Tree should be used by a small team or committee vise a single manager or supervisor. Unintended actions define slips and lapses, in general, the least blameworthy of errors. The decision tree usually treats the various error types in the same way, except with regard to the violations question. If both the actions and the consequences were intended, then we are likely to be in the realm of criminal behavior, which is probably beyond the scope of the organization to deal with internally. Unintended actions define slips and lapses?in general, the least blameworthy of errors?while unintended consequences cover mistakes and violations. If the individual was knowingly engaged in violating expectations at that time, then the resulting error is more culpable since it should have been realized that violating increases both the likelihood of making an error and the chances of bad consequences resulting. Violations involve a conscious decision on the part of the perpetrator to break or bend the rules (except when noncompliance has become a largely automatic way of working). Although the actions may be deliberate, the possible bad consequences are not?in contrast to sabotage in which both the act and the consequences are intended. Most violations will be non-malevolent in terms of intent; therefore, the degree to which they are blameworthy will depend largely on the quality and availability of the relevant procedures. But, when good procedures are readily accessible but deliberately violated, the question then arises as to whether the behavior was reckless in the legal sense of the term. Such actions are clearly more culpable than necessary? violations?the non-compliant actions necessary to get the job done when 34 the relevant procedures are wrong or inappropriate or unworkable. Could some well motivated, equally competent, and similarly qualified individual make the same kind of error under those or very similar circumstances? If the answer provided by a jury of peers is yes, then the error is probably blameless. If such latent conditions are not identified, then the possibility of a negligent error has to be considered. If they are found, it is likely that the unsafe act was a largely blameless system-induced error.

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Radiation therapy A therapy in which radiation* is used in the treatment of cancer always oriented toward the specific area of the cancer prehypertension medication order cardizem from india. Radioembolization A type of radiation* therapy used to blood pressure watches order discount cardizem treat liver cancer that is advanced or has come back arterial line buy discount cardizem line. Tiny beads that hold the radioisotope yttrium Y 90 are injected into the hepatic* artery (the main blood vessel that carries blood to the liver). This destroys the blood vessels that the tumour needs to grow and kills the cancer cells. Radiological examination Test that uses imaging technology (such as radiography, ultrasound*, computed tomography and nuclear medicine) to visualize organs, structures and tissues within the body to both diagnose and treat diseases. Using chance to assign people to groups means that the groups will be similar and that the treatments they receive can be compared objectively. Recurrence Cancer or disease (usually auto-immune) that has come back, usually after a period of time during which the cancer or disease was not present or could not be detected. This may happen at the same location as the original (primary) tumour in another area of the body. Some examples of risk factors for cancer are age, a family history of certain cancers, use of tobacco products, being exposed to radiation* or certain chemicals, infection with certain viruses or bacteria, and certain genetic changes. These enzymes can be found in some receptors on the surface of cancer cells, where they are involved in the growth and spread of cancer cells, and in the blood vessels that supply the tumours, where they are involved in the development of new blood vessels. Sorafenib works by slowing down the rate of growth of cancer cells and cutting off the blood supply that keeps cancer cells growing. Systemic therapy Treatment using substances that travel through the bloodstream, reaching and affecting cells all over the body. Targeted therapy A type of treatment that uses drugs or other substances, such as monoclonal antibodies, to identify and attack specific cancer cells. Targeted therapy may have fewer side effects than other types of cancer treatments. Ultrasound A procedure in which high-energy sound waves are bounced off internal tissues or organs and make echoes. The echo patterns are shown on the screen of an ultrasound machine, forming a picture of body tissues called a sonogram. X-ray X-rays are a form of radiation* used to take images of the inside of objects. Gibson Received: 5 March 2014 /Revised: 16 April 2014 /Accepted: 17 April 2014 /Published online: 24 May 2014 # the Author(s) 2014. Portal venous venous hypertension and in hepatocellular carcinoma hypertension surveillance. Results Fibrosis can be detected and staged with reasonable accuracy using Transient Elastography and Acoustic Radia Introduction tion Force Imaging. Ultrasound grading of hepatic steatosis ment of chronic liver diseases by providing diagnostic and currently is predominantly qualitative. Noninvasive methods of Teaching Points measurements in chronic liver disease are rapidly changing in. Diffuse liver disease is becoming more prevalent and there is performance capabilities and availability. Portal hypertension can be best diagnosed by demonstrating has been elastography because of its ability to provide noninva portosystemic collateral venous flow. Gibson Hepatic fibrosis is a response to chronic liver injury and a e-mail: robert. Grade 2 (moderate) is represented by a moderate porto-portal septa; stage 3 (F3) = fibrous septa with archi diffuse increase in fine echoes with slightly impaired visual tectural distortion; stage 4 (F4) = cirrhosis. Cutoff values for grading steatosis varied none; S1 is up to 33 %; S2 is 33?66 %; S3 is >66 %) [5]. Very sensitivities and specificities for mild (less than 5 %) steatosis similar to the grading system proposed by Brunt et al.