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By: C. Aschnu, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

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Metronidazole Among the studies that looked into the effect of metronida Progesterone zole in the frst trimester arteria ulnaris buy lanoxin online pills, only very few reported birth Earlier studies that looked into the effects of progesterone blood pressure chart pdf generic lanoxin 0.25mg on-line, defects blood pressure bottoming out cheap lanoxin amex. These abnormalities were of no particular pattern found an association between progesterone and masculin and were non-consistent. Hence with the limited evidence, ization of the female fetuses due to the incidental affnity there is probably no increased risk with the use of metroni for the androgen receptors. Larger studies have proven that both progesterone Antihypertensives and 17-hydroxyprogesterone have not been shown to in the choice of an antihypertensive in pregnancy is very crease the prevalence of fetal malformation. Safety of the commonly used drugs like methyl progesterones, which are found in the combined oral con dopa, calcium channel blockers, labetalol and hydralazine traceptive pills, are very low-dose synthetic progesterones are well established in pregnancy. While their the anti-infammatory and the immunosuppressive property use in the frst trimester is associated with cardiac and ner of the corticosteroids have been utilized in a wide variety of vous system malformations in the available studies, their clinical conditions like asthma, autoimmune diseases, can use in the second and third trimester are associated cer, various dermatological conditions, etc. The association with reduced renal perfusion and a condition similar to the of corticosteroids and non-syndromic oro-facial cleft has Potters sequence. There is epidemiological evi dence to favour this, but they are confounded by recall Diuretics bias. A Cochrane review has concluded that the available Diuretics have long been avoided in pregnancy and were evidence is limited and more studies are needed. A Danish believed to cause volume contraction and limit fetal Chapter | 2 Fetal Dysmorphology 27 growth. They are also reported to cause neonatal throm Methotrexate bocytopenia and jaundice. Methotrexate works by ronolactone should be avoided in particular due to the folate antagonism and that is responsible for part of the anti-androgenic effects. Even the third trimester Although this group of drugs are not associated with terato exposure is shown to cause severe developmental delays. This particularly has been proven for ateno nancy after methotrexate treatment/exposure, proper lol. In more than 40 pregnancies exposed to azathioprine, There is very limited evidence of safety of the antimalarials very few anomalies were reported and those were non in pregnancy as pregnant women are excluded from all consistent, possibly due to the confounding effects of the the trials. A Cochrane review in 2009 concluded that data disease itself rather than the drug. There are no Aspirin teratogenic effects that have been demonstrated with the antimalarial use. But halofantrine, doxycycline and prima the effect of low-dose aspirin in pregnancy has been stud quine are generally avoided in pregnancy. The use of low-dose aspirin is generally found to be embryotoxic in animals and doxycycline as the safe, and is not associated with an increased incidence of potential to affect the bone growth and cause teeth discol fetal abnormalities. Therefore, long term use of Aspirin and other non-steroidal agents should Antituberculosis Agents be avoided. Ethionamide is also Clinicians have realized the need to investigate the feto generally avoided due to the risk of growth retardation, placental unit for a better and meaningful understanding of central nervous system and skeletal abnormalities in animal the process of satisfactory fetal development and the effect studies which has also been demonstrated in humans. The avail ability of biophysical methods of fetal health monitoring Anticancer Drugs have contributed signifcantly in identifying fetuses at high In general, chemotherapy is avoided in pregnancy due to risk and enable the clinician to institute suitable obstetric the fetal cytotoxic effects. Some of the might be used in pregnancy as disease modifers in autoim obstetric conditions this category will be discussed in light mune diseases are methotrexate and azathioprine. There are three major determinants infuencing amniotic fuid l the current practice is a policy to offer universal ultra volume: transfer of water and solutes within and across mem sound screening to all pregnant women between 18 and branes, fetal physiological regulation through acts of swallow 2016 weeks. Cranial signs of spina bifida amniotic fuid are also regulated by gestational opportunity. Hydramnios l Atrial width of 10 mm or more in the lateral ventricles consti Incidence of polyhydramnios has been previously esti tutes the diagnosis of ventriculomegaly. The incidence l Addition of three-vessel view to the four-chamber view of polyhydramnios in diabetic subjects following strict dia leads to improvement in prenatal diagnosis of congenital betic control is now reducing. Presence of hydrops fetalis in the absence of red cell tion of 22q11 (Di George syndrome). This has led complications associated with multiple l Exomphalos has a sac covering its contents. Large cho l Mild renal pelvic dilatation is a relatively common find rioangiomas. Colour Doppler reveals pre l Obstructive uropathy in a male fetus is most likely to be dominant vessels at that site. It is very uncommon for achondroplasia to present with sig Gestational diabetes mellitus 24.

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Repetitive cord compression may cause hypoxia the only option unless the fetus can be delivered vaginally hypertension 40 mg 0.25mg lanoxin free shipping. All resuscitative mea ing in terminal prolonged deceleration that is diffcult to blood pressure goes up and down purchase lanoxin 0.25mg visa sures such as nursing the mother on the left lateral position arrhythmia jogging generic 0.25mg lanoxin otc, recover and fetal death is inevitable. The frst sign of or vaginal should be commenced by 12 minutes with the intrauterine infection may be fetal tachycardia. Based on the cervical dilatation, a suitable fetal central organs of fetal brain and heart is not ideal but is size amnioscope should be used. Capillary pH is likely to be worse compared with the vanced through the vagina and the cervix and kept frm arterial and hence one consolation may be that actions taken against the scalp with a suitable light source providing the based on capillary pH will prevent jeopardy of the fetus. This is followed by application one or more pathological features is classifed as pathologi of thin flm of paraffn to make the blood emerging become cal. However the degree of pathological nature is likely to a blob rather than spreading over the skin. A small stab with have a range; atypical variable decelerations, with normal a 2 mm blade is made and sample of blood (about 35 mi baseline rate and normal variability is pathological but is crolitres) is collected for blood gas analysis in a preheparin likely to be better than a fetus that has atypical variable de ized capillary tube. It is best avoided in fetal bleeding disorders bour, it would be prudent to perform cord blood gases to such as haemophilia. Lactate measurement is recommended for clinical use based on available evidence and is used as a routine in many units in Scandinavian countries. Intermittent stress linked with passed beyond the head and pulled down to get it wedged hypoxia and adrenaline surge but less hypoxia when uterine between the uterine wall and the cheek of the fetus. If the distortion is above the isoelectric line drawn sensor are passed via the standard fetal monitor and the based on the p wave, it is called biphasic type 1; if it cuts oxygen saturation plotted continuously on the toco channel the isoelectric line, it is called type 2 and if the biphasic that displays 0100. In the same for the myocardium to repolarize and could be seen with fetus wide fuctuation of oxygen saturation is seen but the hypoxia, in preterm fetuses, with infection and in some level does not drop,30% (3rd centile). A preterminal with no baseline variability and re was seen prior to this episode and there was no rise in peated shallow late decelerations (Fig. The observation of l Hypoxia and acidosis may develop faster with an abnor acceleration with scalp blood sampling and its association mal trace in patients with scanty thick meconium, intra with non-acidotic fetuses has encouraged clinicians to adapt uterine growth restriction, intrauterine infection with 24 pyrexia, and those who are pre or post-term. Chief Medical Offcers Report 2006 Chapter 500 Missed op l Accelerations with reduced baseline variability should portunities Fetal oxygen saturation into young adulthood after cardiopulmonary resuscitation in term and during labour. Such cases can have profound 1 million infants die and a similar number survive with long term disabilities related to birth injury. The term birth asphyxia is best avoided as it is often Obstetric malpractice claims and their escalating costs diffcult to conclusively prove that asphyxia occurred and have already become a major concern for maternity time it in relation to the birth. Birth asphyxia is one of the causes of neonatal small part to the rising primary caesarean section rate encephalopathy which may also be caused by metabolic disorders and infections. Gynaecologists of Canada issued a policy statement in Duration l 100% chance of 214 days severe sequelae. The symptomatology may remain for up to 714 days l Profound umbilical artery metabolic acidaemia (pH 9 despite treatment. Full-term infants who suffer from Grade 2 or Statement7: 3 encephalopathy are known to have a higher risk of long term neurological damage. This increased intracellular calcium leads to activa Although the timing and severity of the fetal injury is often tion of cell degrading enzymes such as lipases, proteases diffcult to determine if the injury occurs sometime before and endonucleases. Calcium also increases the free radical delivery, the infant will not develop spontaneous breathing formation and these enhance the process of lipid peroxida at birth. Several variables at delivery have management consists of supportive care to maintain tem been evaluated to establish their correlation with long-term perature, perfusion, ventilation and a normal metabolic neurological outcomes. Umbilical cord arterial blood gas analysis at birth prompt management of complications must be done to pre has emerged as an important method, used to support or vent extension of cerebral injury. Most maternity Current management of neonates with birth asphyxia units now routinely determine umbilical cord arterial therefore focuses on (a) correction of haemodynamic and and venous blood acidbase status on deliveries where there pulmonary disturbances, such as hypotension, hypoventila has been any concern during labour. Moderate hypothermia (3334C) initiated tions, vaginal breech deliveries and the depressed infant within 6 hours of birth and maintained up to 2472 hours in at birth. However it is important to note that although infants with moderate encephalopathy reduces the mortal metabolic acadaemia at birth is seen in about 2% of all ity and long-term disabilities. A Cochrane review was con births, vast majority of these infants do not develop cerebral ducted to determine the effect of therapeutic hypothermia palsy. Therapeutic hypothermia re Half the infants with grade 2 have severe neurodevelop sulted in a statistically signifcant and clinically important mental impairment while those with grade 2 for less than reduction in the combined outcome of mortality or major 5 days generally do well.

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The newborn should be thoroughly examined for any ab Narcotics (like morphine) are to heart attack 86 years old buy 0.25mg lanoxin with mastercard be used only in severe normality blood pressure up order genuine lanoxin online. Short course of adjuvant glucocorticoids should be neonate after birth to hypertension abbreviation order lanoxin 0.25 mg visa prevent coagulapathy. Besides migraine, the other causes of headache in preg nancy are enumerated in Table 17. First aid measures aimed to avoid injury, maintain Several physiological adaptations occur in the maternal airway, administer oxygen should be started immediately. Ventilation and pentothal sodium may be necessary if nancy and hence does not always indicate cardiorespiratory anticonvulsants fail to control convulsions. Hence every effort should be Pituitary tumors made to achieve optimal control of asthma prior to planning Tension type headache a pregnancy. Postdural puncture headache 53 Management of Asthma in Pregnancy Pregnancy 70% of pregnant women. This is generally described as air the goal of treatment for asthma in pregnancy is to provide hunger. Asthma is the most common life-threatening chronic medi Maintenance medication should be adjusted to optimize cal disease encountered in pregnant women. Same drugs to be used as outside pregnancy, that is matic symptoms during pregnancy, with contrary view of steroids and b2-agonists. If theophylline is used, increased increasing and decreasing frequency of symptoms in preg dose may be required. However, most reports indicate the prepregnancy doses adjusted to control symptoms. Ensure maternal oxygen satura the various risk factors which can cause worsening of tions. Asthma seems to worsen in pregnancy due to the frequent misconception that the treatment of asthma in pregnancy is Labour and Delivery detrimental to the fetus which affects the patients compli Regional anaesthesia is preferable to general anaesthesia. These complications are more likely in severe or Postnatal Continue maintenance drug therapy. There control airway hyperreactivity and generally treat the underlying fore, true congenital infection is extremely uncommon. The newborn is at high risk of acquiring infection if the the several asthma medications that can be used in mother has a case of open Kochs at the time of delivery. Asthma has to be managed using a stepwise approach in Management pregnancy as detailed in Table 17. Effective in acute asthmatic attack justifable Inhaled corticosteroids Low potency: Most important in maintaining asthma control during beclomethasone pregnant and nonpregnant state. Budesonide should be Medium potency: considered preferred inhaled steroid in pregnancy. Montelukast They are to be used only if prepregnancy control was achieved and during pregnancy no other agent is useful Sustained release Theophylline Safe in pregnancy. To be used as second or third line methylxanthines Ammophylline agents Systemic steroids Oral: Prednisone Systemic steroid no risk. During labour and delivery, there are no specifc recom Effect of Pneumonia on Pregnancy mendations except infection precautions to be taken with Maternal condition generally improves on timely initiation active disease. However, varicella and infuenza In the postnatal period, the baby must be separated from pneumonia can be fatal. Evidence of pulmonary infltrate is the gold standard for Pneumonia in Pregnancy diagnosis. Abdominal shielding should be done while per the incidence of pneumonia in pregnancy is between 0. Differentiate pneumonia from pulmonary embo curs in up to 10% of pregnant women with pneumonia. Varicella pneumonia should be For uncomplicated pneumonia in patients who do not require treated with acyclovir. Underlying cause should be treated, like discon genic pulmonary edema in pregnancy are listed in Table 17. If Management oxygenation is not maintained then positive pressure nasal Patients should be managed in an intensive care unit. Supplemental oxygen should be line should be inserted if the patient is unresponsive to diuret given to maintain PaO2.

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Cardiorespiratory Other Impairment tables Once the total accepted cardiorespiratory functional impairment rating has been determined hypertension home remedies cheap lanoxin 0.25mg without a prescription, it must be compared with the relevant cardiorespiratory Other Impairment tables pulse pressure for dengue buy 0.25 mg lanoxin with amex. For assessment purposes blood pressure jumps around generic lanoxin 0.25mg with amex, four categories of cardiorespiratory condition are recognised. These categories are: + ischaemic heart disease; + valvular heart disease; + miscellaneous heart disease; and + lower respiratory tract conditions. Only one rating is to be selected from each of these cardiorespiratory Other Impairment tables (Tables 1. If accepted conditions belonging to more than one of the four categories of cardiorespiratory disease above are present, then the relative contribution of their effect on the total accepted cardiorespiratory functional impairment must be estimated by applying Chapter 20 (Apportionment). The rating for each condition will be the higher of the cardiorespiratory functional impairment rating attributed to it and its cardiorespiratory Other Impairment rating. Coronary artery disease, characterised by history of uncomplicated myocardial infarct, with no subsequent evidence of cardiac failure and infrequent or no angina. Coronary artery disease, with single vessel disease (other than left main coronary) demonstrated on angiogram. Coronary artery disease with successful coronary artery surgery, followed by no angina or only infrequent angina but no further infarcts or cardiac failure. Coronary artery disease characterised by left main coronary artery disease (not successfully corrected) demonstrated on angiogram. Coronary artery disease with successful coronary artery surgery, followed, after a lapse of time, by frequent angina or further infarcts or cardiac failure. No age adjustment permitted for this table 39 Chapter 1: Cardiorespiratory Impairment Other Impairment Table 1. If more than one criterion applies, that which gives the higher or highest rating is to be chosen. Only one rating is to be selected from this table for any condi tion or combination of conditions. No age adjustment permitted for this table Arrhythmias are usually to be rated by applying Chapter 15 (Intermittent Impairment) unless they cause a permanent restriction of exercise tolerance, in which case they are to be assessed by their effect on effort tolerance. No age adjustment permitted for this table Peripheral Vascular Conditions Tables 1. Peripheral vascular conditions typically cause loss of function of the lower limbs only and therefore are to be assessed under lower limb impairment (using Chapter 3). Atherosclerosis frequently causes both a cardiorespiratory condition and a peripheral vascular condition. In such cases, if both types of conditions are accepted conditions, then both conditions are to be rated using the appropriate assessment procedure. If asthma has caused chronic airways obstruction the method of assessment described in this chapter is to be applied. If there is little fixed obstruction and a large reversible component, the rating is to be based on the occurrence of attacks using the method of intermittent impairment (Chapter 15). Yes Accepted functional C No impairment D E F G Category Relative Functional Applicable Final rating contribution to impairment for Other for category functional each category (by Impairment (greater of impairment apportionment) rating E and F) (as ratio) Ischaemic Valvular Other cardiac Respiratory the ratings in column G are not to be rounded or combined at this stage They are all to be carried forward to be combined in the final combining of all ratings signature Name (Please print) Date 42 Chapter 2 Hypertension and Non-Cardiac Vascular Conditions this chapter contains three parts: Part 2. For conditions affecting the heart itself refer to Chapter 1 (Cardiorespiratory Impairment). Therefore, uncomplicated hypertension is not to be assessed under Chapter 1 (Cardiorespiratory Impairment) but in the manner set out below. Calculation of the impairment rating for hypertension Follow the steps below to calculate the impairment rating for hypertension. Certain other conditions have hypertension as a contributing factor in their aetiology (for example: ischaemic heart disease and peripheral vascular disease). Such conditions are not to be regarded as being target organ damage when applying Part 2. Step 2: Calculate the total functional impairment due to any accepted target organ damage.

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